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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Many Combinations

Words are a meaningless form of communication until emotion is placed into them and then they become a work of art which is brought to life.  Sky, pie, passion, liaison  quiver , you, pounding, laughing, , darkness, my best work, silence, secret, magic happiness, empowered, hair,  shave, cheek, kiss, cherish, love, breast , caress, massage, stars , wind , moonlight, fire nice, peaceful.

The sky a blanket gently embraces the night,
like the sweetness of a peach pie, I crave
your love tonight.

Passion runs wild a liaison between two,
my heart is quickly pounding, as my soul
quivers at the thought of you.

Laughter puts a smile on my face 
as you close my lips and allow
your fingers to gently trace.  

Darkness is closing on in ,
and there is where I hold on
to you,as you guide me to
your arms and I quiver as you do. 

The silence is broken by a 
magical spell and yet even with 
a whisper no secrets will it tell. 

Happiness is when you are here 
with me , run your fingers through
my hair makes it feel like a dream. 

Silky shaven legs, a kiss to the cheek, 
I cherish the moments, I love all that
you bring. 

Stars in the sky, moonlight from above, 
a caress of the heavens wind blown 
with your love. 

Your best work is not work at all, 
massaging my spirit , my heart 
enjoys it all. 

The night is now in passing and yet 
I begin to prepare for sleep, as I lay 
here dreaming I wish you my 
friend nothing but peace. 

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