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Friday, January 11, 2013

My head on your shoulder

I am a nursing an injury to my neck, it is the cause of my 48 hour headache. To add insult to injury I rubbed in some arnica an added  a hot rice pad on my neck and a cool compress to my forehead.  I positioned my pillow on the couch and put on the movie I love to hate " My Best Friends Wedding" where the girl obviously does not get the guy. I think it is my annual January misery celebration. I hate this movie , everything about it especially the ending and at least once a year I torment myself by watching it.
It is an odd day to say the least,the weather is unseasonably warm  and as the rain melts the ice that once decorated the hills I feel as gray as the day looks. The previous snow fall still lying in patches is a haunting that winter is at its height of torment.
I hate this time of year, especially when I can't function as I would like. Well actually its the idle mind that causes the trouble.

"Heart speak louder
and tell me so, why
the ache wont let go?"

"Why the darkness
filled with gray
distances you from
this very day?"


My head on your shoulder,
your arms holding tight, a kiss
to your lips a moment of delight. 


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