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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 20, 2013


I looked both ahead and back to the days of spring, amazed at the yesterdays and anxious for the new season to begin. I once saw a cardinal tending to its young, teaching them how in life to survive and how for themselves they should fend. Their legs a bit wobbly, their colors not yet bright, they followed impatiently, cautious and full of freight. Unaccustomed to their surroundings, I watched them all take flight and wanted to hold still that moment of the spring cardinals delight.
The sky was quite tempting, a teasing shade of blue, that sent me off to dream of a day holding hands with you. The darkness of memory quickly faded away, replaced by the magic that still holds me to this day. Indeed the canvas was charmed with colors of every hue, that whispered to the soul and gave to me an opportunity to reach on out to you. 
I discovered on this journey, that there is no circling back, and the only way to travel is by creating a new path. There will be days of darkness, but the sun will shine on through, that is the magic of life , like the dreams where we dance under the blue.
The stories will be written , recorded for all time and some may even read the tale of two hearts that deeply entwined. They took to battle, overcome the devil and his dirty needs, by climbing the mountains to see those days of spring.
The journey is not yet over, there much we have left to do and so I reach out for your hand to once more to see the day through. Precious are the memories filed warmly in my heart, but the space left for tomorrow is a custom work of art. Erased are the days of darkness, no place do they have for you and I, for you have held my hand so tight and lit bright the skies of grey.

Remember my darling,
who sails the ocean blue,
climbs the mighty mountains,
makes all dreams come true.

The heart sailed the ocean,
the soul climbed the mountains high,
but it is your hand in mine that
makes all dreams come true.

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