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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Every Day of My Life

To climb the highest mountain
to touch the top of the trees,
that is what your love is like,
the seldom shared leaves.

To breathe the same air,
to hopscotch across the sky,
to the dreams of that moment
when I am looking into your eyes.

My heart sings with laughter,
my soul embraces tender to yours,
from the day you took my hand
and danced with no demands.

The dreams are mine to keep,
the memories shall not fade away,
for the world took on varied color
when the joy of love came to stay.
The Combination

You master the combination
as you hold the sequence that
unlocks my heart.

The numbers and symbols of
love like the moon and stars
in the sky, set the stage of
my world from the corners
of the mind.

I kept my emotions secured,
where they would always be safe,
but you once again unlocked them
and the love is here for your embrace.
My heart whispers of love,
my soul calls on out to you,
to hold me in the dark and
bring your magic of blue.

My days are lost and lonely,
my dreams set to chase,
for you are distant from me
and as close as your lips to
my face.

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