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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I Love You

I cannot rewrite the emotions,
they are scripted by the heart
the joy of life once started
like a symphony by Mozart.

Powerful and enlightening
even though we are apart,
for I am never truly lonely
you live within my heart.

My world was draped in darkness,
I was sad and filled with fear and
than I closed my eyes real tight
and you were quickly there to share.

My heart shouted to break the silence,
and the words of love appeared, like
a song from the meadow lark that
made the clouds of gray disappear.

The sun was magically shining and
at once I knew that you were near,
for on the coldest day of winter,
your love was sent to warm me here.

The memories are breathtaking,
they showed you truly do care,
we walk upon the earth and
we soar right through the air.

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