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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Trials of My Heart

The needs of my soul have
 met with the needs
 of my heart and 
both cry out
 in despair.

The wind crackled and the rain fell, 
with a dance in the heavens and 
a meeting with hell.

Foolish heart weeps from inside 
as it travels to places through the
depths of the mind. 

The sun deceiving set for a spell,
replaced by the moon and the
stars that trailed.

Lost like the willow broken and
burned, the branches of life from
the tree fell. 

Count the many stars high up in the sky,the tiny pebbles mixed with  sand by the ocean side as the waves splash with the daily tide.

Count each beat of your heart and with each breath you take multiply by the memories, for a flash of the love we embrace.

My mind troubled indeed, 
my heart is full and my 
arms are empty. 

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