Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

Love is like two on the same swing, 
the higher you the more exciting. 


If love is experienced and shared
completely all is as it should be. 

Every time I strain pasta, 
I think of the heart as it exudes love. 

They say " everyone has their own trials and tribulations" I say "it' s not the story, but our own interpretation of the story. " I have never been fond of the they sayers, who are they anyway?

My bedroom is myself made prison, 
hiding is a whole lot easier than facing the world. 


There is a lapse in my memory, 
and then the curtains are drawn open 
and I don't like what I see. 
Every now and than we plant a seed 
to find that the wind took it to another part of the garden. 
Ok wind, where are you when I need you....
We are all on borrowed time, 
and paying quite the interest. 

Forever... I don't make promises lightly. 

Hell takes on different forms for different people,
that is why unlocking the doorway 
to freedom is so complicated.

Blah , blah , blah... to be love as I love. 

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