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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I went outside to feed the ducks and watch as the snowflakes placed a new coating over the hills. The brightness of the white blanket was almost as good as the spring sun in snapping me out of my winter humdrum feeling to hibernate. I smiled as I reached out to catch a large flake of snow and felt it melt my upon hand. Like an infusion to the soul I felt renewed and rejoiced in another days celebration.
Usually  being the optimist I felt pessimistic at best when an acquaintance  was looking for a little sympathy and I brushed it of as Que sa ra , sa ra and she bit back in anger. She said her husbands brain and heart wasn't working together and I replied with " whose brain and heart is on working on the same page?" She wasn't amused in the least. I felt bad and offered my prayers for her family.
This time of year and the drag  out of feeling of winter has brought about many challenges and  I am reminded that we all need to reach within to find the courage to see the good and offer the good and embrace each day for the beauty that it is. I felt like for awhile that I was falling short of looking through other peoples eyes and allowing a bitterness to close. Like taking off an apron and shaking off the baking flour I shook those thoughts aside. How else are we to move on if we don't rid ourselves of the powerful restraints that negativity can will upon a person.
Warm in the house I looked out he window as the snow continued to fall. I consciously grasped at the carefree memories that revealed a child with arms wide spinning in the snow. Those emotions and thoughts of a child who wanted to change the world flowed like a river in its rage. I couldn't allow bitterness to surface and rule my internal being. I laughed "whose heart and brain are on the same page?"  Might sound cruel but there is always a conflict unless you give power to one or the other. My mind prefers to run to hide, to disconnect and my heart wants to love and do what is right and my soul confuses it all as it wants to soar to heights unimaginable.
As I once more look ahead I rejoiced, whether one day or a thousand I will make each day, hour and minute the celebration it deserves to be. Take a look at a kite on a windy march day and see the length of the tail and how high it soars. Each person and experience is the notch on the tail, if you take them off the pieces of the tail lose their baring and plummet, never to reach its ultimate goal of soaring high within the clouds.
I closed my eyes and I filed the chapters of my life accordingly. I placed them to rest and stepped forward to except that tomorrow will bring new experiences worthy of a memory.

One kiss gentle on your lips,
one life embraces for all time,
one soul as a reminder that
dreams are the ultimate fine.

One love that last forever,
one song of the heart sings,
one moment in your arms
is the beauty of memory.

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